Seedhe Maut – Journey, Career, Early Days and more

Seedhe Maut is a hip hop duo from New Delhi, India, consisting of rappers Encore ABJ and Calm. They are known for their hard-hitting lyrics, witty wordplay, and dynamic flows, which have made them one of the most popular and respected hip hop acts in India.

Early Days and Career

Seedhe Maut’s journey in hip hop began in the early 2010s when they were part of a collective called Spit Dope Inc. along with other Delhi-based rappers like Prabh Deep and Kru172. The collective was known for its underground cyphers, where rappers would come together to freestyle and showcase their skills.

In 2014, Encore ABJ and Calm teamed up to form Seedhe Maut, which means “straight death” in Hindi. They released their first single, “Khwaab,” in 2016, which was a hard-hitting track that showcased their lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. The song was well-received by hip hop fans in India, and it helped to establish Seedhe Maut as one of the most exciting new acts in the scene.

Over the next few years, Seedhe Maut continued to release a string of successful singles, including “Nama,” “Pankh,” and “Shaktimaan.” They also collaborated with other Indian hip hop artists like Prabh Deep and Siri, and they performed at various music festivals and live events, which helped to increase their fan base.

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Seedhe Maut Breakthrough and Success

In 2019, Seedhe Maut released their debut album, “Bayaan,” which was a critical and commercial success. The album featured production from some of India’s most talented beatmakers, including Sez on the Beat, who has worked with artists like DIVINE and Naezy.

The album showcased Seedhe Maut’s range and versatility as artists, with tracks like “Bombay” and “101” that explored themes of identity and social issues, and more playful tracks like “Kyunki” and “Chaar Chudiyaan” that demonstrated their ability to make catchy, upbeat songs.

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The album’s success helped to establish Seedhe Maut as one of the leading voices of the Indian hip hop scene, and it earned them critical acclaim and a growing fan base. They were also featured in various media outlets and platforms, including Rolling Stone India and Red Bull Music.


In 2020, Seedhe Maut released their second album, “Bayaan 2,” which continued their streak of success. The album featured collaborations with other Indian hip hop artists like D’Evil and Prabh Deep, and it showcased their growth and maturity as artists.

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In addition to their music, Seedhe Maut has also been involved in various social and cultural initiatives in India. They have used their platform to raise awareness about issues like mental health and the importance of education, and they have worked with organizations like The Community Library Project and Breakthrough India to support these causes.

“10 chehre walo me ungliyaaa 100 hai to fark na pade tu konsa haath rakhe Geeta pe”

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Seedhe Maut’s rise to prominence in the Indian hip hop scene is a testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication to their craft. Their music has resonated with a generation of young Indians who are seeking to express themselves and find their voice in a rapidly changing society.

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As they continue to push the boundaries of Indian hip hop, Seedhe Maut is poised to become one of the most important and influential acts in the scene, inspiring a new generation of rappers and music fans in India and beyond.

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